The GCC’s 7 Cultural Values
by GCC Staff

March 10, 2020

The GCC’s 7 Cultural Values

By GCC Staff

March 10, 2020

Gospel Integrity

We ensure the gospel is the theological center for our leadership, preaching, and church ministry.

Relational Connection

We provide intentional opportunities for church leaders to build deep and lasting friendships. 

Intentional Care

We provide supplemental care and crisis intervention for pastors and church leaders.

Deliberate Collaboration

We engage church leaders in the network’s efforts by employing them in church planting, leadership training, and pastoral care.

Contextual Application

We create models and methods for church planting and training that scale and adjust to context and culture.

Healthy Plurality

We promote team leadership as a matter of conviction, and we provide tools that equip elder teams to evaluate themselves and grow in health. 

Kingdom Focus

We actively serve, learn from, and partner with ministries outside the GCC because our heart is for gospel expansion.

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