Network Dynamics Series, 1—It Starts With Conviction
by Dave Harvey

November 18, 2020

Deliberate Collaboration

Network Dynamics Series, 1—It Starts With Conviction

By Dave Harvey

November 18, 2020

This is the first in the Network Dynamics Series from Great Commission Collective, led by GCC President Dave Harvey: It Starts With Conviction. See below the video for notes.

1. Who was the audience for the Great Commission? The Eleven received the Great Commission as representatives for the whole church.

2. The Church seemed to authorize and partner with qualified people who helped extend the mission to new places.

3. The Great Commission signals not only the message, but the method for NT missions.

4. New Testament missiology was not organizations planting churches, nor was it merely churches planting churches. It was partnerships planting churches.

5. In the New Testament, elders remained local, but these men acted as an extra-local group that helped unite the churches to plant churches and strengthen believers.

6. Partnerships between churches and teams serving together bring glory to Jesus and fulfill the Great Commission.


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