Resources for Preaching about Politics
by GCC Staff

October 8, 2020

Gospel Integrity

Resources for Preaching about Politics

By GCC Staff

October 8, 2020

Few things are more treacherous than politics; just ask any pastor who has ever preached on the subject. The world’s eyes are on the American election in November as the eyes of many church members are on their pastors. Preaching about politics or voting can be helpful and clarifying if done well. But it can cause kingdom confusion if not done well. There are few times when Jesus’ reminder “My kingdom is not of this world” is more apt.

To be of service to you as you seek to serve Jesus and his church, we’ve complied a list of resources (books, articles, sermons) to help you navigate these waters.


Before You Vote: Seven Questions Every Christian Should Ask, by David Platt
One Nation Under God: A Christian Hope for American Politics, by Bruce Ashford and Chris Pappalardo
Compassion (&) Conviction: The AND Campaign’s Guide to Faithful Civic Engagement, by Justin Giboney, Michael Wear, Chris Butler
How Should Christians Vote?, by Tony Evans
How the Nations Rage: Rethinking Faith and Politics in a Divided Age, by Jonathan Leeman
The Political Disciple: A Theology of Public Life, by Vincent Bacote


6 Ways Christians Can Be Wiser in Political Engagement, Case Thorpe and David Strunk
Politics, Partisanship, and Unifying Friendship, Dave Harvey
4 Principles for Political Engagement as a Christian, Jared C. Wilson
How Can Christians Have a Positive Influence on American Politics?, by John Piper



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