Articles by Dave Harvey


What I Learned (and Could Not Learn) in Seminary

By Dave Harvey

Doing seminary while in pastoral ministry was a “best-of-both-worlds” ... continue reading

3 Truths about Multiplying Churches

By Dave Harvey

If we want to multiply churches, we must start ... continue reading

5 Church Planting Models to Consider

By Dave Harvey

The mission demands we contextualize without compromise, which should ... continue reading

What Impact Does Church Have on My Motivation for Serving God?

By Dave Harvey

If we’re going to stir and stoke one another ... continue reading

The Election, Division, and My Voting-Age Kids

By Dave Harvey

I wish I could find a way to explain ... continue reading

Network Dynamics Series, 2—Understanding Movement Dynamics

By Dave Harvey

The second in the Network Dynamics Series examining how ... continue reading

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