Articles by Marby Iglesias


Let a Burning Heart Overcome Discouragement

By Marby Iglesias

This is the ultimate cure to discouragement and the ... continue reading

Navigating Change with Lament and Gratitude

By Marby Iglesias

Let us proclaim, recount, write down, and annotate how ... continue reading

Caring for Others During COVID

By Marby Iglesias

How are the one anothers of the New Testament ... continue reading

Friendship for the Pastor’s Wife

By Marby Iglesias

We ache to be heard and understood by those ... continue reading

Cultivating a Heart of Joy when Turmoil Unfolds

By Marby Iglesias

When we address sin and fill our minds with ... continue reading

Self-Care for the Pastor’s Wife

By Marby Iglesias

Our self-care comes from a deep gratitude for the ... continue reading

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