Articles by Tony Caffey


Work for Christ

By Tony Caffey

Passivity causes God's people to ignore three important aspects ... continue reading

The Weirdest Analogy in the Bible

By Tony Caffey

There are many illustrative and captivating analogies in the ... continue reading

10 Books for 2021

By Tony Caffey

At my core, I am an expository preacher. I ... continue reading

The Beautiful Feet of Preachers

By Tony Caffey

Recently I stumbled across the whole “PreacherNsneakers” controversy. This whole ... continue reading

Grieving with the Trinity

By Tony Caffey

There are ways in which our grief is shared ... continue reading

Groaning, Grumbling, and Grace

By Tony Caffey

Grumbling is not just devoid of hope, it’s devoid ... continue reading

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