The True Motivation for Prayer

By Daniel Henderson For twenty years I led the men in our church in prayer on Monday mornings. I didn't pick Monday mornings—they did. Worse still, they chose to meet at 6:00am. Our men were all jacked up because it was time to go to work and start their week. I felt like I was in a body bag after a weekend of

The True Motivation for Prayer

By Daniel Henderson

If our churches are going to grow, if our ... continue reading

Taking out the Trash

By Robbie Symons

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Commitments of a Gospel Culture

By Scott Hamilton

By coming into membership of this local church I ... continue reading

The Cares of Christmas and a Weary Woman’s Heart

By Stacey Weeks

God provided an escape from our soul-crushing brokenness that ... continue reading

God Wants Your Heart

By Robbie Symons

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6 Keys to Expository Preaching

By Guest Author

Expository preaching can be traced back to the days ... continue reading

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