Suffering Wisely and Well, book review

By Andrew Watkins Okay, I’ll admit it—Job is probably my least favorite book in the Bible. I’m more likely to skim the long, confusing speeches in Job than I am to skim the dietary laws in Leviticus. I suspect I’m not the only one. When you think of the book of Job, chances are what comes to mind is Job’s Continue Reading

Suffering Wisely and Well, book review

By Andrew Watkins

Where in Scripture do you turn when the bottom ... continue reading

3 Reasons Social Media May Be Dividing Your Church

By Chris Martin

If the average person, and therefore the average church ... continue reading

Make Prayer A Pattern in Your Life

By Bob Lepine

It’s easy (for me at least) to become too ... continue reading

A Spiritual War is All Around Us, so Get in the Fight

By Dan Hammer

Paul doesn’t deny the difficulty or the hostility of ... continue reading

When Pastors and Wives Grieve

By Blair Cushman

Death makes us want to peer into that cracked ... continue reading

10 New(ish) Important Books For Church Planting

By Bradley Bell

The cereal aisle will murder you. Don’t believe me? ... continue reading

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