The Words We Use, Part 1

By Greg Vanderleeuw

It’s 1776 in New York City. A young and aspiring Alexander Hamilton questions a man he looks up to—Aaron Burr, who would become the third Vice President of the United States and who would put a bullet in Hamilton’s chest in a heated duel 28 years later.

Hamilton asks Burr for advice on Continue Reading


The Words We Use, Part 1

By Greg Vanderleeuw

Words in the Bible are used to pray, to ... continue reading

The Intent and Content of Preaching

By Scott Hamilton

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Grieving with the Trinity

By Tony Caffey

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They All Lived Happily Ever After

By Stacey Weeks

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The Shoe Shouldn’t Fit

By Jon Kelly

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Resources for Preaching about Politics

By GCC Staff

To be of service to you as you seek ... continue reading

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