The Regathering—Five Heart Reflections

By Blair Cushman

Redemption Bible Church regathered for in person worship this past Sunday after eight weeks of online and in home worship. We persevered through those eight weeks by the grace of God through the diligent work of many. When things changed rapidly our best responded with excellence and innovation Continue Reading


The Regathering—Five Heart Reflections

By Blair Cushman

Now that Sunday #1 is behind us, what did ... continue reading

Anchoring Our Souls in The Storm

By Garrett Higbee

Yes, there is unprecedented chaos but also unprecedented opportunity ... continue reading

9 Ways the Gospel Speaks to Us During COVID-19

By Dave Harvey

Jesus does offer us something eternal today—the comfort of ... continue reading

4 Things Every Church Elder Needs to Know

By Paul Whittingstall

As an elder, you must know your people. ... continue reading

Why We Sing New Songs in Worship

By Tony Caffey

New songs are a way to bless the name ... continue reading

Self-Care for the Pastor’s Wife

By Marby Iglesias

Our self-care comes from a deep gratitude for the ... continue reading

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