The One Thing

By Dan Hammer

What would you do if I told you that only one thing was truly necessary to thrive in ministry and your personal walk with Christ? You might be wondering how you missed the “silver bullet” class in seminary. You might think I’m wrong. That’s totally ok, because in reality it’s not Continue Reading


The One Thing

By Dan Hammer

Doing for Jesus flows out of being with Jesus, ... continue reading

Cultivating a Heart of Joy when Turmoil Unfolds

By Marby Iglesias

When we address sin and fill our minds with ... continue reading

5 Rhythms Every Healthy Leader Needs

By Garrett Higbee

Surround yourself with people who can compensate for your ... continue reading

The Prodigal Heart

By Jon Kelly

The beautiful thing about the story is that there ... continue reading

About that “Kick Me” Sign on Your Back

By Dave Harvey

So according to Paul, the problem for Christians isn’t ... continue reading

To Engage or Not to Engage?

By Jamie Maxim

It’s easy to hold tightly to our convictions over ... continue reading

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