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The Power of Partnership: Overcoming a Silo Mentality

Break free from the limitations of a silo mentality and experience the power of partnership in ministry. Discover why collaboration and strategic alliances with like-minded churches are essential for greater impact and effectiveness.

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Value of Partnership

Discover the Power of Partnership in Ministry: Lessons Learned from a Church Revitalization Journey. From the founder of a growing church, learn how partnership lightens the load, deprioritizes personal preferences, and fosters a culture of teamwork.

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Hide It Under a Bushel

Bob Lepine discusses the increasingly hostile attitude of modern culture toward those who believe the Bible is God's infallible and inerrant word. He contrasts this attitude with how the first disciples responded to a similar cultural climate, where being open about their faith could result in persecution. He encourages readers to be cheerful, clear, and confident in their faith, drawing from 2 Corinthians 4. Lepine argues that while it may seem like a shrewd approach to keep quiet about one's faith, it is not what the first disciples did, and encourages readers to point others to God and the truth of His word despite the consequences.

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Sabbaticals in The Life of a Pastor

This article examines the importance of pastors taking sabbaticals as a means of ensuring spiritual, physical, and emotional health. It looks at the biblical basis for taking a break from work and suggests a guide for pastors looking to take a sabbatical. It outlines five stages of a sabbatical, which include disconnecting, decelerating, discerning, debriefing and re-deploying. Additionally, it encourages pastors and church leaders to create sustainable habits of soul-care.

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Car Line Discipleship: The Story of the Stolen Shoes

Jesus is the only one who can provide us with true peace and freedom from anxiety and fear, not our own ability to do things perfectly.

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Don't Leave Your Family at the Dock

On the momentous day of June 13, 1793, William Carey set sail for India and began a journey that would revolutionize mission work. While the church was initially cold towards missions, Carey sailed off with his wife Dorothy, who had unexpectedly joined him on his journey. This article explores the importance of family in ministry, and questions whether leaving family behind for the sake of ministry is a sacrifice that God is not pleased with. With God's grace, however, it is possible to skillfully navigate the challenges of ministry and family in order to see God's kingdom come and His will be done.

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