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Counting the Cost of Church Planting

Discover the profound journey of faith in church planting. This heartfelt reflection delves into the challenges, unforeseen costs, and unwavering trust required.

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Why Lead a GCC Cohort?

Discover the incredible benefits of training pastors and leaders through GCC Cohorts.

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Considerations for Your Next Hire

Unmask the blind spots in your hiring process with these three powerful considerations. Ready to hire right and dodge firing pitfalls? Dive in now for essential insights!

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Deconstructing Leadership

Discover a fresh perspective on leadership culture! Dive into this candid article and unveil three essential biblical principles for fostering a thriving leadership environment.

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Passing the Baton

Passing the Baton: An Inspiring Interview with Al Pino on Ministry Transition

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How to Have Hard Conversations

Discover how to conquer the challenges of difficult discussions in church leadership.

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