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GCC Pastor's Wife Opportunity

Check out this great opportunity for GCC Pastors Wives!

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Gospel Justice Centers: A Secret to Successful Church Planting

Discover the game-changing formula that turns your church plant into a resounding success. Amidst the daunting statistics of failed church plants, a hidden strategy emerges – hosting a Gospel Justice Center.

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A Relational Reset: Our Leader Failed. How Do We Bounce Back? (Part Two)

Discover how the resilience of the church is linked to the gospel of Jesus Christ in this article. When leaders fail, the gospel is there to remind us that even the failures of leaders can be used by God for a greater purpose. Learn how the church can move forward after these failures by performing an autopsy, owning their culpability, and recalibrating their focus.

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A Relational Reset: Our Leader Failed. How Do We Bounce Back? (Part One)

Learn from the successes and failures of a seasoned pastor and gain valuable insights in navigating church crises. In this article, the author dives into the impact of a leader's fall or failure on a church and examines the three common ways the soul gets soaked when a leader's sin floods the "splash zone." Discover how suspicion, self-protection, and the desire to escape can affect a church community. Stay tuned for the next post, where the author explores how the gospel can lead a church toward healing and restoration.

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5 Words to Fuel Passionate Worship

Dive into Psalm 63 as we explore the five words that fuel fervent worship in our hearts and churches. From seeking God with desperation to beholding His power and glory, praising His steadfast love, meditating on truth, and clinging to Him with all our being. Unleash the power of passionate worship and experience a deeper connection with God. Join us on this transformative journey of seeking, beholding, praising, meditating, and clinging to the Lord.

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Bold Preaching

Discover the true essence of an impactful sermon. From the importance of dependence on God's guidance to embracing the "foolish" message of Christ, this article will challenge your preaching approach and inspire you to deliver bold, unapologetic sermons that resonate with the hearts of your congregation. Don't miss out on this insightful read.

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