Romania & Moldova's 9 GCC Churches Set Goals

Marius Mezin is leading the charge to advance the Gospel in Romania and Moldova - and he's got a team behind him.

Why It Matters: Romania and Moldova have been on the frontlines of church planting for years, and with nine GCC churches in the region, they are continuing to make an impact. Marius Mezin is leading the charge as the Network Leader, alongside Adrian Rusnac, Adi Balta, and his own family - wife Nutzi and son Otty (27).

  • Countries: Romania & Moldova
  • GCC Churches: 9
  • Church planters preparing to launch: 3
  • Board members: Adrian Rusnac, Adi Balta, & Marius Mezin
  • Network Leader: Marius Mezin
  • Family: Wife, Nutzi, and son, Otty (27)
  • Lives in: Braila, Romania
  • Home Church: Biserica Metanoia Braila
  • Languages spoken: Romanian & English
  • Fun Fact: Marius plays 15 different musical instruments (the trumpet being his favorite)!

Top 3 network priorities for 2022

  1. Identifying & developing more church planters.
  2. Contextualizing the training process for new church planters.
  3. Continuing to help their local churches develop healthy pluralities. (Many churches are young and don’t yet have local elder boards.)

How can we pray for the churches in your network?

  1. Wisdom. That we would understand the spiritual battle that is taking place and pray. We’re not just involved in a physical battle.
  2. Commitment to our priorities. We would continue to make disciples and plant churches – and not give up.
  3. More church planters!

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