About GCC Nepal

About GCC Nepal

  • GCC Churches: 18
  • Church planters in the network’s pipeline: 2

Network Leader: Timothy Dahal

  • Family: Yashoda (wife); Samuel and Aasha (children)
  • Languages spoken: Nepali, Hindi, & English
  • Home Church & Location: Harvest Bible Chapel Kathmandu

Timothy’s Top 3 goals

  • Building a training center in Kathmandu for pastors/leaders of GCC churches throughout Nepal.

  • Planting churches and constructing church buildings/meeting spaces for their many rural churches.

  • Supporting GCC pastors and empowering them to impact their local communities through needed humanitarian projects to help the most vulnerable and marginalized.

Timothy’s 10-year Vision

  • A fully functioning and accredited training center for GCC pastors.

  • 10 regional leaders to help canvas the 7 provinces and 77 districts in Nepal.

  • 70 total churches in the network.

Prayer Requests for GCC Nepal

  1. God would provide the funds for a training center in Kathmandu to provide greatly needed biblical and practical training for pastors and church leaders. The land has been purchased and plans are being drawn up (in faith) for the center’s opening in 2023. This center would also provide a permanent church home for Harvest Bible Chapel Kathmandu.

  2. For the current 18 pastors and those yet to be sent out, pray that God would provide the needed funds and work to sustain them and their churches.

  3. The anti-conversion laws in Nepal and its caste system present unique challenges to the spread of the gospel, especially among its mostly rural population. Please pray that the gospel would unite those of different castes and God’s people would be given wisdom to fearlessly declare and identify with Christ.

  4. Nepal is poor and economically dependent upon neighboring nations. It is common for men to leave their families and move to India or the Gulf states in pursuit of a better life, leaving mostly women and children in the villages. Please pray for God to raise up pastors and male leadership in the villages with the vision and economic means to remain there for the sake of their families and the gospel.

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