Family Chat September 2023


Dave Harvey provides an encouraging update in this video to pastors in the Great Commission Collective network. He shares about the health and direction of the GCC team, including the team's values and priorities for the remainder of 2023.


  • An overview of the GCC team's values like team health, fundraising, recruiting, the fall conference, and church planter training (1:05)

  • Encouraging news about the GCC team's unity and service to each other (3:30)

  • An update on finances and fundraising efforts, including matching gifts, donations, and end-of-year giving opportunities (21:30)

  • Information about new church planting initiatives like the church planter residency kit and coaching plan (17:30, 23:40)

  • Stories demonstrating the strengths of GCC as a collaborative ministry (25:20)

  • Gratitude for the generosity of GCC churches (31:10)

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