Get Ready for Unashamed: Why This Year Is a Must-Attend for Your Team

Join us for an inside look at the upcoming Unashamed 2023 conference, hosted by the Great Commission Collective. This video is a must-watch for GCC members and teams, offering key insights into what to expect, why it's crucial for your team to attend, and how to make the most of this transformative event. Learn about special sessions, team-building opportunities, and the mission support dinner. Whether you've already registered or are considering it, get all the details you need to prepare for a conference designed to empower Christian leaders and communities.

Registration is Open

  • The Unashamed 2023 conference is open for registration. Hundreds have already signed up, and the event is still two months away. Register here if you haven't.

Who Should Attend?

  • This isn't just a conference for pastors. Elders, staff, emerging leaders, and entire teams are encouraged to attend.

The Purpose of Unashamed 2023

  • The conference aims to train teams and offer a shared spiritual experience. It's an opportunity to grow together in faith and leadership.

Team Building and Leadership

  • Effective team building doesn't happen by accident. It's the result of intentional leadership and strategic opportunities, both of which the conference aims to provide.

Agenda Highlights

  • The conference includes open time for discussions, Q&A sessions, and information processing. Wednesday night is intentionally left open for teams to spend quality time together.

The Theme: "Unashamed"

  • The theme is particularly relevant in today's challenging cultural landscape, where Christian communities often face opposition and misunderstanding.

We Are a Collective

  • The conference serves as a reminder that we are not just individual churches or leaders but a collective bound together by a common mission.

Mission Support Dinner

  • A special Mission Support Dinner is scheduled for Wednesday evening at 5:00 PM. This is an opportunity for those interested in further supporting the Great Commission Collective.

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