Unlocking a Healthy Plurality Through the Elder Commitments Course

At the Senior Pastor and Wife's Retreat, a new course was unveiled that helps elders understand the power and potential of a culture of plurality.

Why It Matters: A church's eldership is more than just a collection of men called to lead a church - it's also about creating a shared experience of community, care, accountability, unity and shared values. This new course will help elders better understand what it means to embody a culture of plurality - and how to take tangible steps and accountability to create that culture.

Go Deeper: The Elder Commitments tool offers a practical way for elders to unpack and affirm the biblical values that define a culture of plurality. As elders work through each of the 5 values, they'll be invited to study, discuss and make tangible commitments to embody these values.

  • Plurality forms and describes the elders' experience of community, care, accountability, unity and shared values
  • The experience of plurality is grounded in commitments elders must make to each other around essential biblical values
  • The Elder Commitments is a tool designed by GCC to help elders understand and affirm together the culture of a healthy plurality
  • The tool is supported by an introductory video and 5 additional videos corresponding to each value

Interested in taking the course with your elders? Learn more here.

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