Reopening Resources

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ADDED 07.21.2020

A Word of Encouragement, Mission Church Lancaster PA

ADDED 07.02.2020

Welcome Back to Compass Church at the YMCA, Compass Church Naples

ADDED 06.22.2020

Mission Church Gathering Guide, Mission Church Lancaster PA
FAQ for Phase 3, Mission Church Lancaster PA

ADDED 06.04.2020

Church Campus Reopening Conversation Guide, SBVC
Regathering Plan, Harvest Bible Chapel St Louis South
Mission Church Regathering Plan, Mission Church Lancaster PA

ADDED 05.12.2020

Ultimate Reopening Resource Bundle, Malphurs Group

ADDED 05.08.2020

Quick Review on Thinking about Ministry, Brian White’s cohort notes (download)

ADDED 05.07.2020

Reopening Your Church, Practical Shepherding

ADDED 05.06.2020

The Senior Pastor’s Reopening Guide, Church Fuel

Reopening Ministry Guide, ERLC (download)

12 Things to Think About When Reopening Your Children’s Ministry, ERLC

Welcome Back!, Hope Church Anderson