Topic: Church Planting

The Great Commission and Church Planting

By Dave Harvey

The Eleven apostles received the Great Commission (v. 16), ... continue reading

Our Church Planting Story: The Candidate

By Scott Hamilton

The church-planting church has two ways of identifying leaders. ... continue reading

The Top Reasons Most Church Plants Fail within Five Years

By Bradley Bell

Sometimes a called and gifted man can do everything ... continue reading

10 New(ish) Important Books For Church Planting

By Bradley Bell

The cereal aisle will murder you. Don’t believe me? ... continue reading

Blaze A Discipleship Trail

By Nate Newell

Your church needs a Discipleship Pathway. Someone needs to ... continue reading

Join Me! Guidelines for Recruiting a Church Plant Core Team

By Bradley Bell

Despite the stereotype that Paul was a lone ranger, ... continue reading

10 Things You Should Think About Before Planting a Church

By Bradley Bell

At GCC we realize the challenge of church planting. ... continue reading

When the Calling Changes Your Course

By Nikki Hurt

I heard my phone buzzing, saw it was my ... continue reading

Recovering Reverence

By Dan Hammer

Culture and circumstances come and go as they continually ... continue reading

The Grace in ‘Not Yet’

By Bradley Bell

Paul reminds us of the futility of our good ... continue reading

Married to the Messenger: Perspectives of a Newly Planted Wife

By Nikki Hurt

I am a fairly transparent person, but the vulnerability ... continue reading

Relevance Is Not the Primary Goal of Contextualization

By Brian White

When it comes to contextualization, you have to know ... continue reading

Why Church Planters Want to Go Big

By Bradley Bell

And yet, in God’s upside-down kingdom, it’s not always ... continue reading

3 Aspects of Incarnational Ministry

By Brian White

In-person, incarnational ministry gives you the platform for encouragement, ... continue reading

4 Priorities of a Church-Planting Church

By Robbie Symons

As I look back on the critical ingredients to ... continue reading

5 Principles of Faithful Contextualization

By Brian White

The issue of contextualization is present everywhere and that's ... continue reading

The GCC Church Planting Process

By Marty Duren

In this series of videos, GCC's Director of Church ... continue reading

3 Truths about Multiplying Churches

By Dave Harvey

If we want to multiply churches, we must start ... continue reading

Urban Contexts as a Church Planting Focus

By Jon Kelly

Does your church's vision for church planting include contexts ... continue reading

The Good in Goodbyes

By Bradley Bell

For the church planter, goodbyes are a way of ... continue reading

6 Worthwhile Church Planting Podcasts

By Marty Duren

In the spirit of being a resource for church ... continue reading

5 Church Planting Models to Consider

By Dave Harvey

The mission demands we contextualize without compromise, which should ... continue reading

3 Advantages of a Church Planting Residency

By Stephen Love

The system to which I am referring is a ... continue reading

Passing the Baton through Mentoring

By Trent Griffith

Mentoring is not only gratifying and necessary, it is ... continue reading

Rethinking Bivocational—What is Covocational Church Planting?

By Brad Brisco

In a time when Christianity doesn’t have the best ... continue reading

Securing Funding for Church Planting

By Bradley Bell

When it comes to raising funds as a church ... continue reading

25 Books for Church Planters

By GCC Staff

This selection of books will help any church planter. ... continue reading

Church Planting Networks: Partnership with GCC

By Marty Duren

Church planting does not happen in a vacuum; few ... continue reading

Longings and Legacy: Church Planting in Africa

By Corey Schmatjen

As a church planting network, GCC seeks to plant ... continue reading

5 Ways to Develop a Church Planting DNA

By Bradley Bell

Bradley Bell is a staff writer at the Upstream ... continue reading

The Forgotten Weapon in the Fight Against Sin

By Jamie Maxim

Hebrews 12:1b “… let us also lay aside every ... continue reading

Great Commission Proofs for Church Planting

By Dave Harvey

Whether we are sharing the gospel personally as witnesses ... continue reading

5 Church Planting Lessons after 5 Years

By Dan Hammer

I want to share five lessons we have learned ... continue reading

Ministry Mapping for Church Planting

By Guest Author

The best maps are those build and maintained by ... continue reading

The Blessing of Going Outside the Camp

By Nikki Hurt

We planted our church in the Spring of 2019 ... continue reading

Press On, Sweet Sister

By Stacey Weeks

But we will finish this race if we make ... continue reading