Topic: Gospel Integrity

Death of a Dream

By Ken Thompson

Since 2017, “your kingdom come, your will be done, ... continue reading

Sexual Abuse in Churches: Prevention and Support

By GCC Staff

In the US context, information compiled by the Evangelical ... continue reading

Commitments of a Gospel Culture

By Scott Hamilton

By coming into membership of this local church I ... continue reading

Faith In Hard Times

By Bob Lepine

When the Apostle Paul wrote to the church at ... continue reading

Keeping the Gospel at the Center of your Church

By Ben Dosti

On our best day, in our best gear, our ... continue reading

Living Missionally Amidst Adversity

By Dan Hammer

Let’s not deny the adversity, but let’s declare Christ’s ... continue reading

A Culture of Patience: He has shown His faithfulness to me

By Scott Hamilton

A culture of patience grows among people who have ... continue reading

Gospel Culture: Part 2

By Scott Hamilton

Humility needs to become a more vital component of ... continue reading

Gospel Culture: Part 1

By Scott Hamilton

What is your church like? I wonder as you ... continue reading

Grieving with the Trinity

By Tony Caffey

There are ways in which our grief is shared ... continue reading

Resources for Preaching about Politics

By GCC Staff

To be of service to you as you seek ... continue reading

Politics, Partisanship, and Unifying Friendship

By Dave Harvey

It becomes a fragrant bouquet of grace to discover ... continue reading

The Battle with Brother Donkey

By Tony Caffey

I’m not spilling my guts here because it’s cathartic. ... continue reading

The Prodigal Heart

By Jon Kelly

The beautiful thing about the story is that there ... continue reading

Coronavirus and the Carnival of Judgment, Part 3

By Dave Harvey

Are you weary? Take heart. Jesus knows your heart! ... continue reading

Coronavirus and the Carnival of Judgment, Part 2

By Dave Harvey

There’s something about the coronavirus that has made everyone ... continue reading

Coronavirus and the Carnival of Judgment, Part 1

By Dave Harvey

Judging turns sinful and evil when we ascribe bad ... continue reading

Anchoring Our Souls in The Storm

By Garrett Higbee

Yes, there is unprecedented chaos but also unprecedented opportunity ... continue reading

9 Ways the Gospel Speaks to Us During COVID-19

By Dave Harvey

Jesus does offer us something eternal today—the comfort of ... continue reading

Hope: The Pastor’s Endurance, Part 1

By Robbie Symons

See, hope like this is not a fingers-crossed “hope ... continue reading

You’re Nothing When You Try to Be Something

By Dave Harvey

But rivalry does destroy friend­ships, split churches, undermine testimonies, ... continue reading

Standing Firm in the Gospel Alone

By Elyse Fitzpatrick

It’s my perspective that you really can’t stand firm ... continue reading