Topic: Pastors' Wives

When the Calling Changes Your Course

By Nikki Hurt

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Married to the Messenger: Perspectives of a Newly Planted Wife

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7 Keys to Helping Your Husband

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Thoughts From the Fishbowl

By Laura White

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The One to Whom He Will Look

By Nikki Hurt

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A Spiritual Battle Plan for Couples in Ministry

By Garrett Higbee

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Strong Pastors’ Wives, Marriages, and Families

By Laura White

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They All Lived Happily Ever After

By Stacey Weeks

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Let a Burning Heart Overcome Discouragement

By Marby Iglesias

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Caring for the Shepherd

By Kristen Wisen

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Friendship for the Pastor’s Wife

By Marby Iglesias

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Three W’s: Guiding Principles for Starting a Women’s Ministry

By Kristen Wisen

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Self-Care for the Pastor’s Wife

By Marby Iglesias

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