Topic: Purposeful Discipleship

Start with the End

By Nate Newell

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3 Reasons Social Media May Be Dividing Your Church

By Chris Martin

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A Spiritual War is All Around Us, so Get in the Fight

By Dan Hammer

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Taking out the Trash

By Robbie Symons

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5 Steps to Increase Your Small Group Participation

By Ben Dosti

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Escaping the Burden of Perfectionism

By Danielle Kelly

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3 Dangers of Digital Discipleship

By Chris Martin

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Raise Em Up. Send Em Out.

By Blair Cushman

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Gospel Culture: Part 3

By Scott Hamilton

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Work for Christ

By Tony Caffey

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Lessons From My Dogs

By Lauren Hall

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Wisdom for Women With Shepherding Gifts

By Danielle Kelly

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Renewing Our Commitment to Discipleship

By Scott Hamilton

I have a slight confession, to begin with. I ... continue reading

Purposeful Discipleship in the Lord’s Supper

By Marty Duren

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Reaching for Excellence

By Jamie Hart

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One Step Ahead

By Andrea Griffith

As we listen and lead people toward Jesus, we ... continue reading

Uncommon Leadership

By Blair Cushman

Uncommon leadership is about moving people from where they ... continue reading

A Kid’s Ministry that Leads Kids into Ministry

By Jamie Maxim

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