Topic: Relational Connection

Rethink Anger: Giving Up Rage and Contempt

By Jamie Maxim

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One Major Reason We Face Suffering in Ministry

By Daniel Henderson

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Run Relentlessly. Finish Well.

By Stacey Weeks

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The Ministry of Presence

By Lauren Hall

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Engage Your Community with Social Media

By Chris Martin

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From Love to Cherish: Becoming God’s Kind of Husband

By Jamie Hart

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Dealing with Pandemic Loneliness and Temptation

By Garrett Higbee

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I Need the Church

By Becky Willey

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Caring for Others During COVID

By Marby Iglesias

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A Guide for Meaningful Conversations

By Guest Author

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5 Rhythms Every Healthy Leader Needs

By Garrett Higbee

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The Pastoral Brotherhood

By Jamie Hart

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The Regathering—Five Heart Reflections

By Blair Cushman

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God’s Presence in the Community of Believers

By Stacey Weeks

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