Topic: Spiritual Growth

Fighting for Faith in the Land of the Living

By Nikki Hurt

Several years back we found ourselves trudging through a ... continue reading

He Has Made Me Glad

By Bob Lepine

The Bible tells us we are to set our ... continue reading

Suffering Wisely and Well, book review

By Andrew Watkins

Where in Scripture do you turn when the bottom ... continue reading

10 Books for 2022

By Marty Duren

Each year we endeavor to produce a list of ... continue reading

Do All We Can to Stand

By Bob Lepine

What do we conclude about someone who has stepped ... continue reading

The Cares of Christmas and a Weary Woman’s Heart

By Stacey Weeks

God provided an escape from our soul-crushing brokenness that ... continue reading

God Wants Your Heart

By Robbie Symons

Do you hate your sin? Are you sick of ... continue reading

No Condemnation Do We Dread

By Bob Lepine

In writing to the church in Rome, the apostle ... continue reading

Recovering Reverence

By Dan Hammer

Culture and circumstances come and go as they continually ... continue reading

Lessons from Jesus on Boundaries

By Jon Kelly

What lies under our willingness to sign up for ... continue reading

Keep Up the Good Work, Dads!

By Tony Caffey

I realize that we live in a world with ... continue reading

Taking Your Fears to God

By Bob Lepine

Can you think of a time this week when ... continue reading

Redemption of the Rain

By Laura White

God is good, right and just not in spite ... continue reading

Finding Hope in Reverse Exile

By Karl Whittingstall

As I write this now, where I am, we ... continue reading

Every Believer’s Calling

By Laura White

Called. It’s a term typically assigned to my husband ... continue reading

A New Year Song

By Stacey Weeks

People all over the world awaited the conclusion of ... continue reading

Stop Trying. Start Trusting.

By Karl Whittingstall

John 6 has been one of the most liberating ... continue reading

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By Marty Duren

So deep was this step from throne to town, ... continue reading

The Words We Use, Part 2

By Greg Vanderleeuw

In 1993 Lois Lowry published a book titled The ... continue reading

Restorative Fire

By Danielle Kelly

Things that were suffocating our prairies and suffocating our ... continue reading

The Words We Use, Part 1

By Greg Vanderleeuw

Words in the Bible are used to pray, to ... continue reading

Everybody Needs an Exodus

By Blair Cushman

As our world groans today under the weight of ... continue reading

Navigating Change with Lament and Gratitude

By Marby Iglesias

Let us proclaim, recount, write down, and annotate how ... continue reading

The Path to Godly Ambition Is Lit

By Dave Harvey

Guided by the guardrail of humility that comes from ... continue reading

Groaning, Grumbling, and Grace

By Tony Caffey

Grumbling is not just devoid of hope, it’s devoid ... continue reading

Walking in the Way

By Marty Duren

"Treasure his word for the sweetness and sustenance it ... continue reading

Mirrors Help with Motives

By Dave Harvey

But there may be no better place to hide ... continue reading

The One Thing

By Dan Hammer

Doing for Jesus flows out of being with Jesus, ... continue reading

Cultivating a Heart of Joy when Turmoil Unfolds

By Marby Iglesias

When we address sin and fill our minds with ... continue reading

About that “Kick Me” Sign on Your Back

By Dave Harvey

So according to Paul, the problem for Christians isn’t ... continue reading

To Engage or Not to Engage?

By Jamie Maxim

It’s easy to hold tightly to our convictions over ... continue reading

When Loving Hurts

By Marby Iglesias

Ministry seems at times to be the melting pot ... continue reading