Topic: Strategic Church Planting

The Grace in ‘Not Yet’

By Bradley Bell

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Relevance Is Not the Primary Goal of Contextualization

By Brian White

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4 Priorities of a Church-Planting Church

By Robbie Symons

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5 Principles of Faithful Contextualization

By Brian White

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The GCC Church Planting Process

By Marty Duren

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3 Truths about Multiplying Churches

By Dave Harvey

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Urban Contexts as a Church Planting Focus

By Jon Kelly

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The Good in Goodbyes

By Bradley Bell

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People Don’t Plant Churches. The Gospel Does.

By Guest Author

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Great Commission Proofs for Church Planting

By Dave Harvey

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Worth the Cost

By Courtney Mathis

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Leap of Faith

By Kristen Wisen

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