How the church planting process works.

The GCC church planting process is one developed through years of church planting experience with all of its challenges and victories. And as we continue to learn, we'll tweak the process. You shouldn't take that on alone. Here's how it works for GCC.

Step One Connect

You need to get to know who we are. This is the place to do so. There's a wealth of information for your review, then start the process through the linked form.

These resources will help you connect to the GCC:

Step Two Assess

Once you've gotten to know who we are, it's time for us to get to know you, too. There are applications and evaluations, but also time to pray and make sure we will be a good match.

This is what we will explore during assessment:

Step Three Train

We believe that thorough, contextualized, immersive training is vital for healthy church planting and that such training can build lasting community crucial to the mission.

During training you will engage:

  • Church Planter Cohorts, 2-year term
  • GCC Planter-equipping Modules, 2-year term
  • Other Training Resources

Step Four Fund

An important part of planting is provision for the process. GCC funds through partnership between a sponsor church, partner churches, the church planter, and the network as a whole.

Funding comes from:

  • Church Planter-raised Funds
  • Renewable GCC Grants

Step Five Plant

As provision is made and training comes to a conclusion, the time comes to step out continue the process to plant a new church in the place to which God has called you. Just as with every other step of the process, you do not go alone.

Church Planters are sent:

  • with coaching and strategies
    from core group to congregation.

Step Six Strengthen

Planting is not the end of the process—it's not the final goal. Healthy, reproducing churches are, and that requires more than being sent well. It requires partnership that stretches into the future and undergirds the work of the church in the days to come.

We strengthen leaders and churches through:

  • Skills-specific Cohorts
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Events that Build Leaders, Lives, and Marriages

Ready to get started? Let's connect today.

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