6 Worthwhile Church Planting Podcasts

In the spirit of being a resource for church planters, below is a list of church planting podcasts we believe will benefit you regardless of the stage of church planting you are in. This list is not a blanket endorsement of every word of every episode (we trust you have discernment), but believe on the whole they are worthwhile. Click on the logo image for the Apple podcasts link. (And for your reading pleasure, don't forget to check out 25 Books for Church Planters.)

**Church Planting Podcast**
Clint Clifton started and hosts the Church Planting Podcast. He's the director of Send DC with the North American Mission Board. He's also founder of New City Network and co-founder of the Praetorian Project. Guests include church planting specialists and authors.

**The New Churches Podcast**
With nearly 600 episodes as of this writing, this is royalty in church planting podcasts. Covering church planting, multisite churches, and leadership, New Churches Podcast is hosted by Daniel Im with Ed Stetzer and Todd Atkins as rotating co-hosts. Their conversations cover all facets of church planting and leadership.

**Launch: The GCC Podcast**
A relative newcomer to the church planting podcast field, our own podcast began at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, Dave Harvey, president of Great Commission Collective, co-hosts Launch alongside Marty Duren, GCC's director of communications, in conversations with guests dealing with church planting and soul care for all pastors.

**In The Trenches Podcast**
In The Trenches is a church planting podcast hosted by Jared Huntley and Logan Douglas. They write, "In The Trenches is a podcast that exists to equip and encourage ordinary church planters & pastors to make disciples in hard places."

**The Acts 29 Podcast**
Hosted by Jeff Medders, the Acts 29 Podcast features a global array of guests addressing an array of church planting topics.

**The Revitalize & Replant Podcast**
Not "church planting" specific, but covering a lot of the same ground, hosts Thom Rainer of Church Answers with Mark Clifton and Kevin Ezell of the North American Mission Board provide data insight and practical experience to these podcast conversations.

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