The GCC Church Planting Process

Each church planting network has a process for developing and deploying church planters. Great Commission Collective is no different in that regard. Where we are unique is in our partnering together to help healthy elder-teams plant and build flourishing churches. Our role in this partnership includes a process to help prepare planters.

In this series of videos, GCC's Director of Church Planting, Christian McNeilly, hosts six short conversations to explain the six steps of our church planting process: Connecting, Assessments, Training, Funding, Launching, and Coaching.

In this first conversation, Trent Griffith, pastor of Gospel City Church in Granger, IN, joins Christian to talk about how potential church planters can connect with GCC.

In the second video, Dave Harvey, president of Great Commission Collective, joins Christian to talk about how GCC assesses church planters in partnership with the planting church.

In the third video of the series, Brian White, pastor of Harvest Church in Indianapolis, IN, joins Christian to discuss the importance of having a network involved in training church planters.

Funding is a crucial step in the church planting process. GCC's Jon Kelly, pastor of Chicago West Bible Church, joins Christian McNeilly to talk about GCC's role in funding church plants.

Launching the church plant is the subject of this conversation between Christian and Stephen Love, a recent church-planter in South Bend, IN. Redemption City Church was planted by Gospel City Church in Granger, IN.

GCC's Director of Training, John Crabtree, joins Christian to explore how GCC continues to support church planters with training and coaching after the church launch.

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